Briefing: Evolution of Customer Support

Customers are consistently looking for the next frontier in customer support. There are countless opinion pieces talking about pros and cons of customer support trends, as well as giving tips on ensuring the best customer experience.

The way customers engage with companies has changed, shaped by the way they’re engaging with one another. From office visits, to calls, to mobile applications and automated messaging. The complaints and publication of bad support, as such, have also changed where they are voiced. From generic email addresses to postings on social media, customer support has evolved to become an integral part of any company’s customer strategy and is steadily eating into the iron grip that Marketing has on the customer experience (and the lucrative budgets associated with it).

So what has changed? Here a comparison of the past and the present:

Back in the day (the past)

The present and beyond

The evolution of customer support, and the technology that is fuelling it, is continuously bringing about new frontiers for companies and customers alike. The importance of customer support has risen to the point where it is now an established growth requisite. Customer support is paving the way for more effective business processes. For this, and many other reasons, it is worthwhile to keep the past in mind when looking to the future.

So with this is mind, what does the future hold for customer support, or better customer success? Here a couple of predictions:

Real-time messaging will continue to be the preferred channel over e-mail. No doubt we live in a synchronous world now; this means companies need to revamp their communications to come to grips with this development.

Bots will become a standard for all customer support functions. Bots are a form of self-service. The first form of self service was the user manual; bots and AI offer a new paradigm in that regard.

Finally, “everything now” will continue to drive customer success. Brands and companies need to convey empathy in their support. Customers want everything now. To ensure companies are keeping up with these expectations some of the above technologies need to be embraced.

Many things will continue to happen in this space.