Announcing Freshchat Python Client Library

For a customer support-focused chabots, escalations and handovers are an important tool in the conversation designer’s toolbox. This allows for chatbots to refer more complex user queries on to human agents.

We recently worked with the team over at Freshworks to make their new live chat software, Freshchat, available to the Canvas conversation designer to use in any conversation flow, with Twyla Canvas now also available in the Freshchat app marketplace.

Today, we would like to announce that the core library we developed to enable this integration is now available publicly either as source via GitHub or as a python library on PyPI.

Head over to the package documentation to learn more about how to use it. Check out Freshchat for your live chat software requirements. And definiteily check out Twyla Canvas to build your conversation design project.

We’ll cover the instructions on how to configure this in your project in a later post. For now you can check it out on the Freshworks Marketplace.